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19, 911, 1948, Regathering of Israel

July 30, 2012
  • There are 19+19 verses in the last chapter of the book preceding the 19+19th book of the Bible: Haggai, the 37th book, has 19+19 verses.  This last chapter of Haggai is also the 911th chapter of the Bible.  Not only that, but this 911th chapter is also the 19th chapter from the end of the OT.This chapter of course leads to the 912th chapter, Zechariah 1.  912 = 19 x 48.   So not only do we have another 19, but 19 x 48!    Both of these chapters are prophetic in nature, and describe the second coming of Christ!  More specifically Zechariah 1 describes the regathering of Israel from Babylon after 70 years.  Weaving throughout this narration, as well, is a description of the Millennial reign of Christ, in connection with this regathering, implying a dual reference to the regathering of Israel in the former days, ie. after Babylon, and in the last days before the second coming.  And all this in the 19 x 48th chapter of the Bible!  In case you are unaware (but you probably aren’t if you’re reading this) the nation of Israel was regathered in 1948!

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