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August 14, 2012

The famous chapter about the suffering Messiah, Isaiah 53, is 33 x 6 (198) chapters from the end of the OT.  Another Christ/33 association. 


The book of 2 Timothy opens with the 6666th  (33 x 202nd) verse of the NT.  This is the 55th book of the Bible, with 11 books remaining.  There seems to be a definite ‘11‘ stamp here.  On a not-insignificant side note, the word “devils” and “satan” both appear  55 times each in the KJV!  2 Timothy also ends with the 200th chapter of the NT (even transition).


The word “evil” occurs 6+6+6 times in Genesis.  It appears  481 times (reminds me of the height of the Great Pyramid in feet) in the OT and 132 (33 x 4) times in 119 (911 anagram) verses in the NT.


REGEX “Moses” is found 848 (palindrome) times in 784 ([7+7+7+7] x [7+7+7+7]) verses.

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