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Genesis, 666, 911, Antichrist, 42 months, 19.5, 39

September 28, 2012

If you can believe it, take a look at the pic and notice how many words the book of Genesis has in it (KJV of course). 911 x 42!  I nearly fell off my chair when I discovered this.  In fact, don’t believe it – do the counts for yourself.  I’ve included the chapter-by-chapter counts here  for anyone interested in doing the counts themselves – by all means, please do so (and I’ve double-checked the totals as well).  The url link to the pic on Flickr will get you a larger version to examine, if you are interested.

Not only that, but take a look at how many words chapter 39 has in it:

These numbers are familiar to anyone even remotely interested in Bible prophecy: 911, 666, 42, etc…    42 is the number of months the Antichrist will reign before he is judged and destroyed (Rev. 13:5).  39 seems to be important both for the fact that it is comprised of 13’s – also a number that needs no introduction – as well 39 can be viewed as 19.5 x 219.5 was popularized by Richard Hoagland as the “hyperdimensional constant”, or a number inherent in sacred geometry representing the intersection of the tetrahedron with the sphere, where the tetrahedron is circumscribed by a sphere which touches all points.

But the Genesis connection here is very interesting.  The word “genesis” means “beginning”.  How interesting that the number 911 inaugurated the beginning of a new millennium for the human race, just as it seems to inaugurate the Bible.  Is it a fair assumption, therefore, that the PPTB (Principalities and Powers That Be) used this number on purpose on 9/11/01, as we can safely assume they knew the 911 connection to Genesis already?  Is that why September 11 happened when it did – because the number was already associated with the beginning of something?  I know also there is an idea floating out there – someone wrote a book about it – that Christ was born on September 11, too.  I’m not saying that has to be right, but rather just mentioning it.  It matters more what “they” believe – ie. the movers and shakers…  Maybe they were saying that like as Christ inaugurated the last 2000 years of Christianity, possibly with a 9/11 connection, they are inaugurating a new millennium with the rise of their “Christ” with 9/11?


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  1. michele permalink

    Impressive indeed. Check out for a bible study using the same principles. Gods Word is Divine and 100% Prophetic!

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