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911 x 42 – again

October 14, 2012

A follow-up on my previous post from Sept 28 about “Genesis, 666, 911, Antichrist, 42 months, 19.5, 39” .  I found another synchronous 911, 42 connection tonight I though I would share with you.

I found that the first 911 verses in the Psalms encompass exactly the first 63 Psalms, as the last verse of Psalm 63 is the 911th verse of the Psalms.

I thought this was intriguing.  Noticing here that 911 seemed to symbolize a complete section of the Psalms, I then wondered what percentage of the whole this section was, so I divided 63 over 150, the total number of Psalms, and got exactly 42 percent.

So here we have another place in the KJB where 911 is associated with 42, the first being the aforementioned post, where I revealed that the number of words in the book of Genesis is 911 x 42.

I sense a pattern here…

I encourage you to review the previous post for a cursory examination/speculation of the symbolism associated with these numbers.

On an interesting closing note, althought the text got cut off in the picture, the end of Psalm 63:11, the 911th verse, talks about the mouths of those that speak lies being stopped, which gives me encouragement that the lies about 9/11 spread by the mainstream will one day be stopped; the truth will have its day – it always does.

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    Your threads are being bumped up at watcher meetup. Care to weigh in?We miss your input. Don’t mention my identity there…this site isn’t officially announced quite yet – it will be in a few days. 🙂

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