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Misc. Daily 10-21-12

October 22, 2012

1.   Here’s another layer to add to a previous post: “Genesis, 666, 911, Antichrist, 42 months, 19.5, 39”

Doing a search of the word “prison” in the Bible finds the first reference of the word in Genesis 39.  Hmm, where have we seen Genesis 39 before?  What’s significant about Genesis 39?

It’s the first chapter of the Bible with 666 words in it!

So the first mention of “prison” in the Bible is associated with 666.  Our attention is immediately drawn to the Beast – whose number we know – which also ascendeth out of the bottomless pit in Revelation 17:8.  So he comes out of the pit/prison and his number is 666.  Wow!  And all this in a book of the Bible – Genesis – which has 911 x 42 words in it.  Another wow!  It makes me think of the themes in the aforementioned post:  “Genesis, 666, 911, Antichrist, 42 months, 19.5, 39” – which also makes me think of Revelation 9:11, a verse and passage which famously deals with the infamous King of locusts let out of prison at the fifth seal.

Is the Bible trying to tell us something?  No kidding!


2.   Revelation 9:11 is the 77 + 77th verse of the Revelation, as well the 7707th verse of the New Testament ( 9).  The 77 theme draws us back to September 11, 2001, as this number was very prominent that day (a very interesting study if you haven’t delved into it).  How interesting that these numbers are associated with each other in the Bible!  Or maybe the question is, is that why 77 was prominent on 9/11?  Because it was supposed to be referencing Revelation 9:11?  Maybe to say that the King of the bottomless pit was soon to be on his way?


3.   Daniel 9:11 is the 22,000th verse of the Bible.  According to Mike Hoggard, 22 is the number for Revelation.  Can you think of anything else revealed in a 9:11 in the Bible?  Think on that one for awhile!  ( 9)

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