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Antichrist, Crowley / 777, Persecution of God’s People

November 28, 2012
  • Esther 3:13,  the decree was issued that the Jews should be destroyed on 13th day of the 12th month: this would be the 343rd day (30-day months), which is 7x7x7. So here we have an instance where 777 is connected to the persecution of God’s people.  Is this another instance to suggest an evil connection to triple sevens; ie., Aleister Crowley’s 777/book of the law connection? (   Could this have prophetic implications for the last days, with the persecution of God’s people by the Antichrist? (Not saying Crowley is the Antichrist, but more representative of an Antichrist spirit; which may have some association with 777)

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  1. 777 is definitely connected to persecution of God’s people in these last days, thats a very good find
    and interpretation from esther

    crowley’s 777 system is now in place, an occult/masonic system — crowley, and later jack parsons and ron hubbard, used sorcery to raise the spirits of “pharaoh” and of babylon (ie help bring them to power and influence over america)

    the stock market crashed 777 points in 2008, harbinger of coming economic disruption, which will further incite hatred against the remnant, scapegoating etc

    in melville’s prophetic “moby dick” the only survivor of the pequod (america) is the youngster ishmael, who is offered 1/777 of the profits from the doomed voyage of the ship/nation, by a merchant of babylon appropriately named bildad

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