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Misc. Daily 12-4-12

December 4, 2012

The 777th chapter from the end of the Bible is the last chapter of Ezra, Ezra being the 15th book of the Bible, or the 5+5+5th book.  This seems to tie repeating numbers with significant positions in the Bible (“significant” representing a sense of completion here – a complete section of Scripture).

The first occurrence of the word “dragon” is in Nehemiah 2:13, which is the 111 x 111th verse of the Bible.  Hmm….  This number can also be viewed as 666 x (6+6+6) + 333.  The last occurrence of the the word “dragon” is in Revelation 20:2, which is the 7x7x7th verse of the Revelation!  This coalesces perfectly with my last post about 777 and Crowley, and that number’s apparent association with evil!

Not only that but the first and last verses are separated by 360 x (13+13+13+13) verses, which ties all these ideas in with sacred geometry, the idea of time cycles/prophetic cycles, and the number 13 being the number of the beast.

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