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Misc. Daily 4-21-13

April 21, 2013

Gen 9:29 And all the days of Noah were nine hundred and fifty years: and he died.


Yes, Noah was 950 years old when he died – when he “ended”, but we see him here also associated with 929. What else ended at 929 (chapters)? The Old Testament. How did the Old Testament end? With the First Coming of Christ (basically; the Old Covenant ended when Christ appeared, notwithstanding the closing of the OT canon 400 years earlier). What else ended with Noah? The Old World. How did the Old World (pre-Flood) end? The believers were saved out of the floods of judgement by the ark (Christ). So here we see Christ appearing both in literal and figurative forms at 2 different times of Transition – the Flood and the Transition between OT and NT. And here also there seems to be a strong idea of Transition associated with Noah – which is also interesting considering Noah’s association with both the pre-Flood world and the Second Coming of Christ: ie. “as it was in the days of Noah…” And the number 929 shows up in both cases, synchronistically connecting these themes.

Are we living in the “as it was in the days of Noah…” time-period, a time of Transition, from the “Old World” to the “New World”; a destructive period of world history, wherein the “Old World” will be destroyed, and a “New World” will be born in its place?


Also Lamech, Noah’s father, lived a total of 777 years, which in itself is interesting. Possibly more interesting, however, is the fact that Lamech lived 595 years after Noah’s birth, then dying 5 years before the Flood. The 595th chapter of the Bible is the middle chapter of the Bible. 595 is also the 34th Triangular number. Is it just that God likes 595, or is there a deeper meaning here? I’m voting for the latter, although I can’t prove it.

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