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Misc. Daily 5-11-13

May 11, 2013
  • The word “dragon” appears 13 times in the NT – all in the book of the Revelation. No surprise there!

  • The last chapter of Deuteronomy (ie. the last chapter of the Pentateuch/Torah):
    • Begins with the 1947 x 3rd verse of the Bible; 1947 of course being important in the history of Israel.
    • Sees God showing Moses all the promised land before he dies, synchronistically pairing the promised land with 1947! Amazing! (Granted Israel did not receive in 1947 all the land showed to Moses, but the idea of the promised land being shown to Moses at the end of the Pentateuch/Torah here synchronistically connected with 1947 is amazing enough.)



  • The word “fowls” appears 55 times in the Bible, 44 in the OT, 11 in the NT. The first occurrence in the OT is in the 6th chapter. The first occurrence in the NT is in the 6th chapter. There are numerous allusions to “fowls” being equivalent with devils, Satan, etc. in the Bible.  Not surprisingly the words “devils” and “Satan” both appear 55 times each in the Bible as well!

  • The word “lost” appears 33 times.

  • The word “law” appears 300 times in the OT.

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  1. Interesting indeed ! But as you review these frequency of certain words being repeated, what conclusions do you draw?


    • To be honest, Shakti, other than the obvious, I’m not sure what to make of all of it – the obvious being that the KJV is a Divine Word! Maybe sometimes God is trying to tell us something, but I know that can be problematic too. Ultimately I would only be willing to stake my faith and trust (and I do) on what the text actually says, which leaves me guessing and wondering (wondering in the enquiring sense and the amazement sense) at the other things I find – which itself ultimately leaves me at, “I honestly don’t know!”

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