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Hi, I’m Jay.  God has opened my eyes in the last few years to the divine origin of the King James Version of the Bible, through an examination of, as the subtitle of my blog suggests, the “… Synchronistic, Redundant, and Prophetic Number-Themes in the King James Bible”.

There is an amazing, undeniable numeric pattern to the KJV, which you will not find, in some examples, in modern versions of the Bible,  as they are based on manuscripts (Sinaiticus and Vaticanus) that have changed words and left out entire verses and passages, such as Acts 8:37, Mark 16:9-20, and 1 John 5:7 – to name just a few.  Notwithstanding the doctrinal issues such omissions and emendations inherently raise, my point here is that these textual changes, while not throwing off chapter counts, will throw off verse and word counts.

I seek to support the idea, through the aforementioned examination of number-themes, that neither coincidence nor contrivance of man can account for this numeric structure.  While this may seem a hasty conclusion after the first few examples, a thorough, ongoing examination eventually, I believe, leads the open heart to the conclusion that only a divine Hand, a divine Mathematician, could accomplish such a feat!

**A very important caveat: What I do on this blog is not like ‘The Bible Code’, as popularized in the last many years, as that is turning the text into a word-find puzzle that has proven to make false predictions, and is therefore to be rejected as false prophecy: it predicted Romney would win the last election, and well, you know how that turned out.  I simply examine the numeric structure of the KJB as is.**

  1. Hey Jay,
    I think you might be interested in this:
    Start at chapter 4 on Page 30 and go to the numeric calculations that come after that. Pages and pages of them. This is some guy who is taking the Q’uran and calculating “codes” the way numerologists did with “the Omega Code” etc. Would like to hear your thoughts on this. It is interesting to me the “inverse parallels” (for lack of a better description) that are found between the Q’uran end-times eschatology and that of the Bible. It doesn’t take much imagination to see how unoriginal Satan is. He takes the Word and twists the whole thing into something different, assigning different meanings and significance to personalities and events.

  2. Hello Jay I found your blog today and I love it. It’s good to know there is still a few people who love the true Word. Keep up the good work.
    You may be interested in checking out what The LORD showed me, It is similar to what you are doing. It’s
    God bless you.

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