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August 17, 2012
  • The 7 x 7th book of the Bible, Ephesians, opens with the 13 x 13th (169) chapter of the NT.


  • Chapter 3 of Ephesians, in which we find a revealed mystery, is the 18th Triangular numbered chapter of the NT (171st chapter), or the 6+6+6th Triangular numbered chapter.  Interestingly, Ephesians is the 6+6+6th book from the end of the Bible.


  • The word “north” is found 132 (33 x 4) times in 125 (5x5x5) verses.  (See Mike Hoggard’s video about United Nations symbolism, the north, and 33


  • The word “coming” appears 100 times in 99 verses.  10 seems to imply dominion or rule (eg. Ten toes of Neb’s image in Daniel).  Perhaps therefore 10 x 10 could symbolize the “ultimate dominion”, which would of course be realized at the coming of the King of Kings, when He reigns in dominion over His creation, as the Stone kingdom of said image in Daniel’s prophecy – coming soon to a world stage near you.

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