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Numbers in Isaiah Part 1

August 29, 2012
  • Every 33rd verse of Isaiah is also a multiple of 33 verses from the beginning of the Bible.


  • The first chapter in Isaiah that is a multiple of 33 chapters from the beginning of the Bible is the famous chapter about the Fall of Satan, chapter 14, in that this chapter is the 33 x (7+7+7)th chapter in the Bible.  The 33 not only reminds us of Christ, but also the perpetual Christ-wannabee Lucifer.


  • Isaiah is the 44th book from the end of the Bible.  There are  444 chapters remaining in the Bible after Isaiah.


  • The average number of words per chapter in the book of Isaiah (rounded down) is 561, which is the 33rd Triangular number.


  • The word “God” occurs 136 times in the book of Isaiah. 136 is the 16th (4 x 4) Triangular number.
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