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Haggai, 911, Temple, Second Coming

December 15, 2012
  • Haggai, OT prophet, receives prophecy from the LORD regarding the Second Coming of Christ the very day the foundation of the Second Temple was laid. This prophecy is recorded in the 911th chapter of the Bible, Haggai 2.  All these themes appear together in one place: (911/Temple/Prophecy/Second Coming). Interestingly the name Haggai appears 11 times in the Bible, the last of which occurs in Haggai 2:20, the 911th chapter of the Bible, right in the midst of this prophecy!

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  1. v good detective work! these elements do cohere, and God indeed wanted us to connect the Twin Towers fall on 911 with both the founding of the Second Temple and the Second Coming

    “zerubbabel” is involved with both temple foundings and (rather like your post) haggai just appeared one day out of the desert, snd soon disappeared as suddenly

    God is connecting the 911 (nine gestative months after the beginning of the Third Millennium or Third Day) Twin Towers fall with the founding of the final, eternal temple

    note that the LORD instructs haggai TWICE to “speak to zerubbabel” in haggai 2, promising to “shake all nations” and later in the chapter, to “shake heaven and earth” — partly this is bc babylon’s judgments are, largely, double-judgments

    certainly the shakedown of the Twin Towers on 911 constituted a partial fulfillment of the propehcy in haggai 2 — but folks wouldnt see that without your connection of haggai 2 as the 911th chapter in the bible

    truly, Scripture is a living document, as our God is a living Word


    • …And then you begin to wonder if the rebuilding of the Temple is symbolic of the rebuilding of the temple of the body, which may then somehow connect with all these themes, as well other themes dealt with on this blog, like 666, DNA, 46, etc.

  2. i hadnt thought of that, but seems a strong possibility

    the mistake of pouring NRG into a physical temple would be compounded by d.n.a. manipulations — reminiscent of Revelator John’s vision of the “image of the beast” . . . some creature that has been imbued with vocal and miraculous capacities (by the dragon)

    your speculation about a re-engineered “body” a la baphomet seems more likely to me than some machine entity . . . though the Image Beast perhaps would be downlinked from some supercomputer? possibly in real-time

    thanks for your faithful and fertile research, cheers

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